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i1Photo Pro 2


Professional Color Management for Photographers

i1Photo Pro 2 offers the most accurate and consistent color calibration and profiling from capture to view to print. i1Photo Pro 2 combines world-class hardware and software to deliver the ultimate professional level color management for photo pros.



·         i1Pro 2 spectrophotometer (measurement device)

·         Calibration plate, ambient light measurement head, monitor holder

·         Positioning target, scanning ruler, backup board, USB cable

·         i1Profiler software for monitors, projectors and RGB printers

·         ColorChecker Camera Calibration software

·         Pantone Color Manager software

·         ColorChecker Classic target [mini], ColorChecker Proof target

·         Soft-sided storage case


·         Achieve true colors on any RGB printer, or any LCD, CRT and laptop monitors

·         Iterative profiling for best quality results

·         Greater color accuracy--more neutral grays & natural skin tones

·         Optimize profile based on specific colors, black & white, flesh tones, or PANTONE libraries

·         Capture ambient light to adapt output profile for any gallery, studio or retail environment

·         Choose from standard test charts or customize to meet specific color and paper size requirements

·         Quickly check color output quality with ColorChecker Proof visual assessment target


·         NEW X-Rite i1Pro 2 Spectrophotometer delivers an expanded professional-level feature set, including multiple measurement capabilities to correct for paper optical brighteners often found in photo papers.

·         i1Profiler Software features basic and advanced modes for professionally calibrated and profiled monitors and projectors, including new presets for video production workflows. Also includes display and printer quality assurance functions.

·         ColorChecker Camera Calibration Software and Target for producing custom camera profiles that work exceptionally well for RAW workflows, even in unusual artificial light sources.

·         Pantone Color Manager easily captures and manage spot colors, and keeps your PANTONE libraries up to date.

Technical Details

·       Item Model Number:                               E02PHO

·       Brand:                                                          Pantone

·       Item Package Quantity                           1  Pcs.

·       Importer:                                                    Sudarshan Book Distributors

·       SRP:                                                              USD 1,859.00

Model NoE02PHO
Weight9.42 pounds
Dimensions 17 (L) x 13.7 (W) x 6.1 (H)

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