Cotton Passport Supplement TCX Editions


  • Convenient, portable accordion format
  • 210 New Colors to add to your existing Cotton Passport
  • Permanently affixed 100% cotton chips

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Your Cotton Passport lets you take the PANTONE FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS Color Library wherever you roam. Now you can stay ahead of the trend when you add the latest 210 New Colors to your existing Cotton Passport. The convenient accordion format allows you to see a large number of permanently affixed chips at a glance, making it easy to be inspired on the road or during off-site meetings. Each color is labeled with the corresponding PANTONE Number (with a TCX suffix) for easy color location and communication.The PANTONE FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS Passport is a portable reference for designers, production managers and colorists on the go. Add the 210 New Colors to your existing Cotton Passport for a broad range of 2,310 market-relevant color choices. The accordion format allows you to view a wide expanse of color at once, making it easy to zero in on the colors that you need.Using the color numbers printed below each color, you can order full-size Cotton Swatch Card standards, which can be sent to multiple production sites around the globe to ensure the accuracy of your color production.

About the Product

Adds the 210 New Colors to your existing Cotton PassportNotched tab allows you to securely insert the supplement into your Passport folioChromatic arrangement makes color easy to findAccordion-style layout allows you to view all 210 New Colors at a glancePermanently affixed 100% cotton chips are numerically referenced by PANTONE Number.

ManufacturerPantone LLC
Model No12345678

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