Cotton Chip Set Supplement TCX Editions


  • Removable 1″ x 1″ cotton chips for palette creation and presentations
  • 210 New Colors to add to your existing Cotton Chip Set
  • Chromatic arrangement for easy color location and inspiration

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Your Cotton Chip Set is the perfect tool to help with in-studio palette creation and presentations. Now you can stay ahead of the trend when you add the latest 210 New Colors on cotton in a 1″ x 1″ removable chip format. Each chip is affixed to non-optically brightened paper and has the color name and number (with a TCX suffix) printed on the back, along with location information for easy chip replacement. Chromatic arrangements make it quick to locate a specific color family, and larger-sized chips make it easy to select the specific shade you need.The FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS Cotton Chip Set aids color selection and palette building. Add the 210 New Colors to your existing Cotton Chip Set for a broad range of 2,310 market-relevant color choices. The 210 New Colors are chromatically arranged, making it easy to locate a specific color family. With 35 colors per page, you can quickly locate the specific share you’re looking for, or simply scan the pages for inspiration. Using the included chip removal tool, chips can be easily removed without damage to the backing.Once you have selected the colors for your color palette, you can use the color names and numbers printed on the back of each chip to order full-size Cotton Swatch Card standards, which can be sent to multiple production sites around the globe to ensure the accuracy of your color production. Each chip in the Cotton Chip Set has return location information printed on the back, making chip replacement a snap.

About the Product

Six-page set adds the 210 New Colors to your Cotton Chip Set100% cotton chips are removable for easy palette development1″ x 1″ chips provide a larger viewing area for better color evaluationColors are affixed to non-optically brightened paper for more accurate color decisionsEach chip includes color name, number and return location information on the backColors are chromatically arranged for easy color location and inspiration35 colors per page for optimal color viewing and selectionChips are easily removable with the handy PANTONE Chip removal tool (not included)Replacement chips are available from PantoneThree-hole punched pages allow you to securely store your new colors in the same binders as your existing 2,100 colors.


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